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About Us

About Us

Over 30+ Years of Experience

Genre Sportswear has been manufacturing high quality team uniforms and apparel in the USA for over a decade. For two decades prior to opening our Las Vegas sublimation, cut, and sew factory, we ran large garment factories around the world. Over three decades of experience manufacturing apparel separate Genre Sportswear from the competition - both foreign and domestic.

When you order from us you're buying a Made in the USA brand, proudly made with American labor. We control all aspects of production, from the products we manufacture, fit and fabrics, and production times.

Genre Sportswear proudly serves wholesale distributors, coaches, school districts, community organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

 Manufacturing Process

  • Proof/Pre-Production - Send us your design or design idea, along with your roster of sizes, names, and numbers, and we'll generate artwork for you to sign off on.
  • Printing/Transfer - After your files are approved, they'll be printed using our industry leading sublimation printers. Your printed design will be pressed at high temperature and ink transferred via the dye sublimation process.
  • Cutting - We utilize laser cutters to ensure the highest accuracy when cutting each panel of fabric for your garments. Our state of the art laser cutting systems help expedite the cutting process so your order is sent to the sewing floor quickly.
  • Sewing - Premium commercial grade sewing machines and high quality thread are employed by our expert sewing team in order to create your finished product. 



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