DTF UPLOAD Your Logo / Gang Sheets


Select this product option when you are UPLOADING a logo or gang sheet.  IF you need to CREATE a gang sheet select the BUILD A GANG SHEET product.

Order Process
1.  Select the size of your file you are uploading.  If you are ordering a 3"x3" logo then size up to the 4"x4" option.  Do NOT size down.
2.  After uploading the file select how many of that file you wish to have printed.  You can always upload an additional file as well and just follow the same process.
Product details

Direct To Film (DTF) is a newer technology for decorating a wide range of textile based products.  The transfers are pressed with a relatively low temperature so it does not damage or discolor the base fabric.  Its also very opaque and long lasting.
Application Process
Using a heat press, set heat at @313 degrees, firm pressure, 13 seconds press, gently remove from press (do not stretch / separate the transfer from the garment when removing from press) lay flat and peel when cool.

We always recommend testing one logo on a waste garment to ensure your settings are working well before making the bulk order.